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Rhody Ranch  -N-  Esh's Country Kitchen

Join Rhody Ranch

as equine friends gather

for a delicious meal

and great conversation. 

Nov: 17th 2018 at  5 P.m.
Cost: Adult 20$
          Kids age 6-12 10$
                  age 0-5  Free
Text : Jody Rhody for your seat Reservation. 717-226-0692

Esh's Country Kitchen

NOTE: This location is not open as a restaurant to the public for walk-in guests. They serve groups by reservation only.

A perfect location for banquets, family reunions, holiday groups, or parties of all kinds. Genuine Amish cooking, a country atmosphere, and warm hospitality provide a perfect setting for a delicious meal with family and friends. We accommodate groups of 25 (minimum) up to 100 by reservation only for lunch or dinner. We are closed on Sunday. Our menu includes home-made bread, salad, choice of meats, potatoes, noodles, vegetables and desserts. The menu may be customized. Handmade Amish goods and crafts are also for sales.