The mandatory Fun Horse Show is at Rhody Ranch on 20 May at 9: AM. Bring all the beginning riders, bring the young horses or horses you have in Training and don't forget the KIDS! Call PAP, GRAM, and bring some friends. Spectators are most definitely welcome. Please bring a pop up tent if u wish and chairs. Do not forget your camera and cheering voices. Make sure you mark it on your calendar right now! :)

Start Time: 9 a.m. Youth Division – Age 17 and Under Adult Division – Age 18 and Over

Class Line Up:
1. Halter Class (Horse 2 years & older) (Jr. & Adult together) Class based on the horse only.
2. Halter Class (Horse 2 years & younger) (Jr. & Adult together) Class based on the horse only.
3. Lead Line (7 yrs. and younger)
15 Min warm up for classes 4-7
4. Walk Jog/Trot (West./Eng. Adult Only)
5. Walk, Jog/Trot (West./Eng. Jr. Only)
6. Walk, Jog/Trot, Canter/Lope (West./Eng. Adult Only)
7. Walk, Jog/Trot, Canter/Lope (West./Eng. Jr. Only)
LUNCH BREAK 30 Mins, Warm up for speed events classes 8-13.
8. 50 Yard Dash (Adults Only)
9. 50 Yard Dash (Jr. Only)
10. Keyhole (Adults Only)
11. Keyhole (Jr. Only)
12. Barrels (Adults Only)
13. Barrels (Jr. Only)
14. Egg and Spoon (Adults and Jr)

Ride all day for 50$ or 10$ a class.
We will have some food/drink, TBD on what we are having.
Just a reminder all children under the age of 18 must wear a helmet. It is optional for adults. If you do not have a helmet, please see the registration booth and we will assist you in finding one to use.
Have a safe and a wonderful show

Cow Sorting Clinic with Andrew Nave

Rhody Ranchers and several friends of the farms and their horses where pleased to take a cow sorting clinic with Andrew Nave at Rocky Ridge Farm. We spent the day learning how to keep our horses supple, introducing them to cows and working on getting them to move cows in the right direction. We learned so much and had such a fun time! We would like to thank Andrew, Dana and Lydia for helping us learn new skills and to Mike for letting us use his beautiful facility and cows!

Rhody Ranch Show Team at their First English Show!

Many congratulations to the Rhody Ranch Show Team for their excellent performance at the Linden Hall Jumper Schooling Show. All riders won ribbons and 1 Grand Champion and 2 Reserve Champions were won by team members!

Rhody Ranchers at the Horse Expo

Congratulations to Ashley and Cassidy on their impressive performances at the Horse Expo Trail Challenge this last weekend. Their horses, Magnum and Harvey handled the stress very well and they both had superb performances!

Rhody Ranch Goes Cow Sorting

Several Rhody Ranchers (including the resident Stud Shappas King) participated in their first cow sorting at Rock Ridge Ranch this past weekend. All the horses and riders learned so much and had a fantastic time! Thanks to everyone for being so welcoming and helpful to us!! We will be sorting in the future so please check our Ranch Calendar to see upcoming sorting dates

Congratulations to Ali and Tilly

Obviously Teacher's Best (Tilly) and Ali Timko, the barn trainer, recently competed in their first English Jumping Show. The both did a fantastic job, coming home with a Grand Championship and 6 more ribbons! This is just the start of Tilly's career and we can't wait to see here continue to grow and show!

Rhody Ranch Show Team now has their very own page on this website. Check it out for more information about where to see the team compete!